Fire Truck Part 3

    Well now that the body is separated I had to decided which way to go next?? Do I start cleaning and stripping the frame or do I finish the underneath work on the body??? After pondering on this I decided I should finish the underneath of the body. Saying that deciding on which shade of red to use was difficult would be an understatement. I liked fire engine red but did not want it to look like every other Crosley fire truck either. I talked my wife into going to the paint store and we looked at least 50 shades of red. We finally both decided on American LaFrance Red, it is a little darker than fire engine red and should look nice.

After we figured that out, I grabbed my son and off to the garage we went. We decided we were going to lift the body off by hand and place it on several tires stacked on the floor, in different locations, alongside the body. I did not know if my son and I could handle lifting the shell of the body but I figured we could give it a go. T grabbed the front and I grabbed the back, I told him on 3 we would lift and see if this was doable. Surprisingly the body was quite light and it was very manageable! We laid the cab on it’s side and off to work I went.

First order of business was stripping the old under coat off, I learned a time saving trick few cars back, it is much easier to strip off the under coat using a torch than a heat gun.The torch maked short work of it and in a few hours I was done, even with the discovery of several spots where the undercoat was close to a ½” thick. The guy who put it on must have been tacking several naps as he was doing it! Next step I sanded and cleaned up some of my welds, blended in a few spots, and prepped for paint. With the painting done I used Sema bed liner to replace all the under coat I took off. I like using bed liner because with a Shultz Paint Gun you can get a nice even coat that looks like the original undercoat. It also provides rubberized perfection that is very durable and protects all that hard work I did. That’s it for this update, till next time!

On it side it goes

Undercoat being removed
A little touch up
All  In Primer
Another Angle
Bed Liner Applied
Another Angel



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