Crosley Idous

Where do you fit in this disease???

People Often Ask me how I got started in collecting Crosley. So let me try and explain this disease to you and see if this applies to you!!!!

How you know you have Crosleyidous

Step 1) ( The sickness) You see this strange little car and fall in love with it and you have to have one. In my case a friend has one and keeps telling me they are so much fun and you have to have one, after a long while of being pestered I gave in.

Step 2) (Your infected) You purchase your 1st car and start fixing it up. While restoring the car you get fascinated with the engineering and thriftiness of how the car was built.

Step 3) (It’s Spreading) You end up finding a parts car for the missing pieces on your car and this one has everything you need. After you strip it, you start looking closely at it and thinking boy this is not in that bad of shape!!!!!

Step 4) ( It’s Chronic) You finish your car and start taking it to car shows where you find your car to be the center of attraction, people start telling you stories of when they owned one and everyone seems to know where you can find cars ,parts, appliances, radios, etc. etc. .You start investigating all these stories and soon you end up with lots of cars, parts radios appliances and anything else you can find named Crosley You then justify this by saying I can show some of this stuff with the car at show; boy what a neat display this will make.

Step 5) ( It’s Terminal) You Wife claims you have more items than Crosley ever made and if you bring home one more thing she is leaving !!! You do not understand ,her side of the bed is still open Also when going to car shows you leave early in the morning in your Crosley she asks you to turn on the heat and you say it‘s an over rated option!!! Upon collecting and restoring your car,you find along the way it is either taking forever to get the parts you ordered or no one is making parts that you need. So you say to yourself I can make these parts and before you know it you have started a business and you are spending more time or just about as much time as you did working on your car, just to make parts to keep these little cars on the road. You are not getting rich off it but you would not trade the time or advice you give helping other people with this disease.

3 thoughts on “Crosley Idous

  • August 13, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Nice job on describing a very contagious sickness. We all have it in some way depending on exposure. I feel it creeping into my bones as I work through the daily task of refreshing Powel’s CD Wagon. I really feel the need to own one, but I better focus on finishing this one first. It goes on display in September for the Cincinnati Museum Center.
    Rob Champlin
    Chase Creek Restorations

  • August 15, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    I grew up in the shadows of Pine Croft in Cincinnati. I suppose I was infected at an early age. Dave told me several years ago at Wauseon that nobody owns just 1 Crosley. Several months later I purchased my first Crosley a 52 Super Sport. Somehow in the past 3 years that crazy car has multiplied itself 13 more times. Maybe I need to put up a security camera and see just what these cars are up to at night. Plenty to work on now! Having fun, learning plenty and enjoying car shows down here in North Carolina.

  • August 19, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    So most of you know of my 18 wheeler. I have known this Crosley since 1972. My father had it at his trucking company in PA. They built it somewhere in the mid 50’s and title transfered to me in 2009. That is about 60 years of same family ownership. Reading IDOUS, I agree untill point 5. My wife is just the opposite. When gift time approaches, she asks what parts do I need. If i tell here I need a part, but it may be a bit pricey, she says to get it . I guess it is best to ask your wife to “sleep in” on car show days, and get that special part you need or want. You know deep inside she wants you to have it. By the way, has she mentioned to you about the gold earrings she likes?
    Additionally, I like the “search” here on your new web site as it brings up the part image as you search! Very cool. (PS- I am sure your wife is a lovely person, my comments are just in jest)


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