Crosley Wagon


Crosley Wagon

When I was a young boy, my friends (6 of us) and I would walk to school every day and let me tell you it was some hike up and down the very steep hills. I would say it was a good mile hike. On some days we would get lucky and on the way home we would meet up with my friend’s mom. She would feel sorry for us and offer us a ride home in her Crosley wagon. So all us kids would pile in and off we would go. This was a lot of fun till we hit the hills. The poor little Crosley could not make it up them with all us kids in it.

At the bottom of the hill she would stop and we all had to pile out. She then would get a running start and make it up the hill. We would hike up the hill and meet her at the top and pile back in and off we would go. On some days we would try and out run the Crosley going up the hill but we never won the race.


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