Mom’s Rule


Mom’s Rule

John, Charlie and Fred were childhood friends and as they got older they went to the bars together. Charlie owned a Crosley sedan and when they went out drinking they would use Charlieís car. Charlie was known for tying one on now and then and the guys had a agreement with Charlieís mom that when he did that, they would not let him drive home and they would leave him on the back porch. He was not allowed in the house in that state. One night Charlie tied a good one on and the boys drove him home and put the car in the garage and Charlie on the porch. The next day Charlie woke up went to the garage and then ran to Fredís house. “Fred, Fred!” Charlie exclaimed, “You have to come with me right away!!!” As they ran to Charlieís house, Charlie asked Fred, “Did I drive home last night!?” Fred said, “Yes.”

By that time they arrived at the garage where the Crosley was parked. Charlie asked, “How the hell did I park it like that???” Fred had all he could do to keep a straight face. When they left Charlie on the back porch, John and Fred had picked up the Crosley and turned it perfectly sideways in the garage and left it for Charlie to find. To this day Charlie still can not figure out how he parked that car sideways
in the garage.

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