Mr Winn Part II


Mr Winn Part 2
Now that you read about my Good Friend Bill Winns Passing I guess you can see the big hole it left in my life. Bill and I went to quite a few car shows together and if we did not go together we always ran into one another. We had many great times together, so how do you fill this void??? Bill owned quite a few cars and enjoyed driving every one of them. His methods in using the cars were to drive them till he started having problems with them. He then would start a list and keep it under the driver’s seat. When the list got to longer there was a serious problem he would park the car. Then he either drove another car till he ran out of cars to drive and be forced to fix it. This is what happed to his first Crosley a 49 sedan with disc brakes. It was stored in a small wooden barn down the road from his house; it sat there for years waiting to be brought back to its glory days. So when Bill died and his widow decided to sell all his cars. I knew I had to buy it because it was Bills first Crosley .He use to tell me stories of the gentleman he bought it from whose name was Jason Hallick and how he painted the car outside in his yard. I even have a picture of the car from the early 80s, it was the first time I saw it at a car show. You see by me purchasing the car, I could keep all those memories alive and now when I go to car shows I always take the 49 so Bill is still at the shows with me. I even put Bills name on the back of the car so other people will know the folklore of Mr Winn and his car.

2 thoughts on “Mr Winn Part II

  • January 20, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Well done Ted, Bring “Mr. Winn” to the nationals this year!

    • January 20, 2017 at 3:46 pm

      Had it there last year


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