Powell Crosley Folklore

Two reporters, Show up at Crosley headquarters and ask for a tour of the factory .To their surprise a few minutes later the door to the factory opens up, and who walks out but Powel Crosley himself. Powell says I am here you give you the tour. The two reports look at each other and one says” wow neat a tour of the factory with Crosley himself.” So the tour goes on and they see all sorts of things and ask lot of questions and soon the tour is over. At the end of the tour Crosley asks the reporters would you like something to drink???The reporters look at each other and one exclaims “drinks with Crosley it can’t get much better than that!!!” Upon that Sentence Powel walks over to the coke machine buys a bottle of soda opens it takes a sip and then hands the bottle to the reporters and leaves the room.

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