Taking Mr. Wynn for a Sunday Drive

Great day for a car show and hats off to Connecticut Junior Republic for yet another awesome job at their 7th Annual Cars for Kids Automobile Show!  I liked having an excuse to enjoy the scenery of Litchfield County in October and is there any better frame for that view than the windshield of a Crosley?  (Uh… no.)


Mr. DellaCamera and Mr. Wynn

There’s a lot of work to putting together a car show worth attending.  If you want to show your car, you need an easy time of getting settled and a good spot.  Check.  If you are there to enjoy the eye candy, you want a good variety of cars and trucks in various conditions, from pristine restorations to unmatched patina.  Check.  And you want the chance to see old friends and make some new.  Check, check, check.

Mr. Wynn, my own 1949 Crosley Sedan Model CD was the only one of its kind at the show but it’s good to know that the micro car was well represented by at least one sister from across the ocean.

Beautiful way to vent some engine heat!


I found a great 1953 Renault 4CV that not only looks mint but has some really interesting design and engineering features.  The air vents to cool the rear engine are a perfect example.  Check out the metalwork on this vent just over each rear wheel, drawing air back to the motor.

Great to talk with the owners and share our love of micro cars.

After a relaxing day of seeing good cars and great people, I’m back in the shop and working hard.  Stay tuned for some new web content and updates on Crosley parts!

– Ted

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