Update Attention Mr James Welther!!!!!!!!

dcp_0070 Now that the holidays are over I figured I would update the website.Yankee Crosley has a few more new products,they are Stater Drives(they are new not rebuild) and thermostats and gaskets.
I am going to do a 2 part story about my Friend Bill (Bob Cat) Winn who passed away a few years back and is dearly missed.

I got to know Bill when I bought my first Crosley. While working on my Crosley Bill and Orson Benidict showed up at my house. They told me they heard I was restoring a Crosley and encouraged me to finish and drive it. Bill was particularly happy because the guys in his car club would have to stop busting him now about his Crosley, because I was a big guy and drove one too!! Bill loved to go to car shows promoting the Crosley and was one of the founders of the Yankee Crosely Club. He also was one of the people who pushed me to start Yankee Crosley Parts.
Along with his love for Crosleys, Bill had many other hobbies. Bill rode his motorclye threw the Blue Ridge Parkway and paddled the Allagash River in Maine and Followed me when I drove my Crosley from Connecticut to Ohio in his VW Thing. He loved to be outdoors and his love for that was infectious. He even taught my two kids how to kayak. He took them out to our local lake for their first time kayaking and stayed down there until they were too tired to paddle anymore.
You knew you were a good friend of Bills when he took you up in his woods to show you his vast collection of classic cars. He had everything from Jeeps, Crosleys, Chevys, Fords,Volkswagons and even a Pacer in the mix, don’t ask me why!! He would always say don’t try and go back up there I have land mines all over the place! Bill always enjoyed joking around and making a good time out of any situation. Even when he got attacked by a Bob Cat and had to go through a series of painful shots, which is how he earned his nickname Bob Cat Bill, he didn’t get mad, he embraced it. That is one of the things I most enjoyed about him, he was always able to find humor in any situation.
In Closing I would like to share one more memory of Bill. At a Christmas party I was having we were all sitting around the table when Bill screamed out “Hey Orson say something funny!” Orson replied, “Bill Winn!” The whole table, including Bill, burst out in laughter. That would go on to be our inside joke for many years. I know I speak for so many of us when I say, Bill you are already missed!!!

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  • January 6, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    That is a nice recollection Ted. Good memories are priceless.

    • January 6, 2017 at 10:03 pm

      Thank you very much


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