Wauseon Adventure ’09 – Part 2

Sunday, July 5th

The following morning, Sunday, we had breakfast across the street at a breakfast/lunch restaurant, Purkeys Pink Apple. After breakfast and checking out of the motel we left Tunkhannock at 8 am. Teddy led the way followed by Kerm in the motor home pulling his trailer, Dave in the Dodge pickup pulling his trailer, and Ed in the Tahoe pulling the Yankee Crosley parts trailer. Dave provided each of us with walkie-talkies so we could keep in contact with each other: ah, technology; life is good. Of course we can barely understand each other, either we’re holding the walkie-talkie too close while talking or because of the noise the Crosley is making traveling at 55 mph. There were 340 miles on the Crosley odometer. The next Route 6 mileage marker was at 305 miles. I had Teddy stop so we could get a picture of at least one of the RT 6 mileage markers. There are over 400 miles in PA on route 6. There is even a website for Historic Route 6. www.paroute6.com


Up and down the hills we drove, Teddy trying to go faster whenever Kerm’s motor home would get too close to the Crosley. We drove along on Route 6 and stopped in Troy, PA at 9:19 am to gas up the vehicles. The odometer on the Crosley was now at 400 miles. The Crosley took 2.42 gals and after doing some long division the Crosley got 28.9 mpg; downshifting into 2nd for those PA hills was tough on fuel mileage. On the road again and around 10:15 am we noticed that the speedometer was no longer working, the cable had broken somewhere around the RT6 218 mileage marker. We drove on into Mt. Jewett, PA where we gassed up again at 12:20 pm somewhere near the RT6 136 mileage marker. We used 3.78 gals of gas and that averaged out to 29.1 mph. We stopped 4 miles down the road in Kane, PA and ate lunch at The Barrel House restaurant. Before we left the parking lot there was a flat tire repair on Dave’s Dodge pickup. (This may have been an omen.)


We were back on the road again by 2 pm. Dave stopped in Warren, PA to meet his daughter and granddaughter. He was going to bring his granddaughter, Makenna, to Wauseon. I think she had attended every national meet since 2003 when I first went to Wauseon. While we were driving toward Warren, Teddy fired up the hand held GPS and we began searching for auto parts stores. We needed to get a few supplies, a drain pan and some 80-140W gear oil for the transmission. We also needed to replace the broken speedometer cable, but we had extra speedometer cables in the Crosley parts trailer. Ed had mentioned when we stopped in Tunkhannock that the whine from the Crosley was gearbox noise and not engine noise. Actually, the whine from the Crosley was me complaining about not having stopped at a Starbucks for a Hazelnut Latte. Ted had put 80-90W gear oil in the transmission upon reassembly of the Crosley and Ed thought that the 80-90W was too thin and contributed to the noise. Well the GPS listed a number of Auto Zones, Advanced Auto and other auto parts stores but we settled on an Advanced Auto right on RT 6 in Corry, PA. It was still relatively early, about 3:30 pm, when we arrived at the Advanced Auto. There was a large parking lot in front of a storage facility where Kerm and Ed could park their vehicles while Teddy did his shopping. According to the odometer on Kerm’s motor home we had driven 66 miles since The Barrel House Restaurant. At this point in the journey we were near the RT6 66 mile marker, getting near the Ohio State Line. The trip was going according to the Plan. Dave would pick up Makenna in Warren and Bill Winn who was traveling from CT in his 1974 Volkswagen Thing would also meet us in the Warren area. Ole Bobcat Bill Winn, driving a Volkswagen to the annual Crosley Nationals, what was that boy thinking? Bill got the nickname Bobcat investigating a noise in his mother’s basement. Bill came face to face with a viscous bobcat and lost the battle. Bill received the round of Rabies shots and the bobcat is now roaming the heavenly mountainside with 41 virgin bobcats by its side.

So now that Teddy and I are experts using the GPS device, we decided to locate a motel or maybe a Bed and Breakfast, just someplace to stay on Sunday night. Since we hadn’t heard about Mushroom Dave and Makenna’s or Bobcat Bill’s whereabouts, we checked the listing that the GPS generated and just a few more miles west and then about 5 miles south off of RT 8 in Union City there is a motel to stay for the night. We went south on RT8 and of course, missed the road for the motel, no problem, let’s just use the GPS to RECALCULATE and get us back on the straight and narrow, so to speak. This is where the adventure or misadventure really began. The GARMIN has us turn right, then right again, then left, and now we are on a narrow rural road with Kerm and Ed in pursuit of the Crosley. There is no place to turn the trailers around and we are driving into this rural no-man’s land. We pass a house that is close to the road where two men in overalls are playing banjos on the front porch. Teddy wants me to ask these locals for directions but I said “Oh No, I’ve seen that movie and there is no way in hell I’m going to be Ned Beatty’s stunt double. Kerm is now yelling on the walkie-talkie that his motor home is running on fumes and needs to get to a gas station soon. Teddy asks me why Kerm didn’t gas up in Corry PA on RT6 where there was a gas station on every F’N’ street corner. Of course, I would never use that language, but I did have the same thought. So what do we do, you guessed it, another inquiry for the GARMIN. A list is generated in a split second of all the nearest gas stations. A BP gas station is just about 10 miles down the road in Hydetown, PA. Dave had called us, he now had Makenna with him. We told him of our predicament and then determined we would meet at the intersection of RT 6 and RT 19. During all this madness, we get one of many phone calls from Bill Winn asking us where in Warren are we. We tell him to continue on RT6 and meet up with Dave and Makenna at the intersection of RT6 / RT19. It only took us 15 minutes to get to the BP station; wow, the price of unleaded is only $1.65 a gallon. F’N’ GPS, the station has been closed for about 8 years. We check the GPS and there are gas stations southeast in Titusville. Gee, I wonder if we’ll still be in PA. I tell Teddy to call the station to ensure they are open, but he has no reception on his cell phone. So down the road Teddy drives until he has cell phone reception. Kerm, Ed and I stay at the closed BP which was probably a 1940’s vintage gas station. Teddy returns with good news, there is an open gas station in Titusville. Only a few more miles drive southeast. So off we drive to Titusville. More phone calls from Bill wondering where we are and where he is and where Dave is. Teddy always passes the phone to me when Bill calls. Thanks, Teddy, you’re a real pal. You readers must know that some of us old f&*kers on this trip are technically challenged and the use of cell phones and GPSs are new and foreign and will probably remain that way until the day we die. When I’m talking to Bill during one of the many calls, Bill informs me that he doesn’t know how to answer his phone, only how to make calls. He then tells me to give him a call after we gas up and get back on RT 6, yeah right. Another few minutes and a few miles and we reach Titusville. We pass a closed BP station and finally arrive at an open gas station. It must be the only gas station in town; all but one of the islands is very busy. Teddy has no problem getting up to the pump and Kerm drives up to a pump. Ed waits in the street with the Tahoe and Crosley trailer waiting for a pump to become available. Teddy fills up the 6 gallon Crosley tank in a minute or two and I then guide Ed into the gas station, having him pull into the spot vacated by the Crosley. As the Crosley pulls away from the pump, the lower radiator hose lets go. A couple of quarts of anti-freeze are lost in the parking lot of the gas station. As Ed is getting out of the Tahoe he tells me he has to use the “Little Boys” room and can I fill up the Tahoe. I start to fill up the Tahoe as Ed disappears. The Crosley is now in a parking spot and Teddy is already removing the leaking radiator hose. Kerm finishes gassing up and starts to move the motor home and trailer out into the street. When Ed disappeared, he didn’t go into the gas station to use the “Facility,” he went into Kerm’s motor home. (See sidebar article.) Kerm was unaware of Edës activity in his motor home and as Kerm drives out of the gas station he drives off the curb and into the street. As Ed describes his adventure in Titusville, he was doing the paper thing when Kerm ran over off the curb and only because he was in a very confined space was he able to remain upright, and not get thrown from the commode while completing the required paper activity. As Teddy is working on the radiator hose, a local woman engages me in conversation (Let me tell ya, those Crosleys are chick magnets) and tells me all about the history of Titusville which I promptly forgot as she pulled her low cut blouse away from herself and displayed her set of Titusvilles to me. Summertime and women, life is good. God, I’m glad I’m alive.

Job’s Not Finished Til the Paperwork is Done!

In the Titusville/Oil City area there is apparently only one open gas station left. And everybody from central PA must have been there this day. After we finally got the caravan in, I decided I had to take a whiz. And since the gas station was so crowded, I decided to use Kerm’s mini-potty in the motorhome. I started to do #1, but it was decided I had to turn it into a #2. There’s not a lot of room in the motorhome’s potty, really not a lot of room, but I was doing my duty. Next thing I know, I hear the driver door open and close and the motor start. Kerm must be clearing the pump area so others can get gas. Not a lot of room to fall over from the seated position cuz I am touching the walls on all sides. And then we start to move! After a short distance ñ he stops. Wow, I’d better get the paperwork done. So I stand up and commence. And we start moving again, and I am bumping and ricocheting off the walls in all directions. CSF! (catastrophic structural failure) of the toilet paper!!! Finally, I stick my head out the door and say, “What the f%&* are you doin’?” To which Kerm replies, “I didn’t know you were in there!” Now I gots to go back to the gas station and clean up with water. (The motorhome’s water tank was empty.) This was NOT the highpoint of MY adventure. – Ed.



Teddy and Ed complete the repair on the radiator hose, Teddy purchases anti-freeze at the gas station, tops off the radiator and we are back on the road heading northwest on RT8 to get back to Dave, Bill and the intersection of RT6 / RT19. Our mood has changed, just a 1/2 hour ago Teddy and I were screaming at each other, now we are back to having civil conversations, as we now laugh about the events that led up to and took place in Titusville. Another phone call from Dave and he informs us that he has found a motel in Edinboro, just a few more miles west on RT6N (Northern Route 6). He then tells us that Bill just passed him at the intersection of RT6 / RT19 and Bill is heading north on RT 19. Teddy hangs up from Dave’s call and his cell phone rings again, it’s Bill again, wondering where we are. We relay the message to Bill that he just passed Dave at the intersection and to turn around and to drive south on RT19 until he gets to the intersection of RT 6. You can’t miss Dave’s pickup and trailer we tell Bill. Of course he had already missed it once but we thought we’d give him another chance. While the guys were deciding whether to stay at the big Motel / Resort, Teddy and I drive down the street and stop at a motor lodge. The owner is very friendly and we talk for about 10 minutes. He was once the proud owner of a Crosley Station Wagon. He thought he could accommodate all our trailers but his parking lot is small and the motor home would have to be parked close to the road. We drove back to the motel and rented two rooms, Bill and Ted shared one room and Dave, Makenna, and I shared the other room. Kerm and Ed slept in the motor home. We drove into downtown Edinboro searching for a restaurant. We settled on another Perkins Family Restaurant and after a relaxing meal went back to the motel parking lot and worked on the Crosley. Teddy changed the gear oil in the transmission and all of us had a hand in replacing the speedometer cable. According to the Plan, we were going to spend the second night in Warren, but we traveled an additional 57 miles west on RT6 to Edinboro. It is 270 miles from Tunkhannock, PA to Edinboro, PA along RT 6. According to Kerm’s odometer on the motor home, we traveled a total of 326 miles on Sunday. I guess we did a little extra driving on our side trip to Titusville.

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