Wauseon Adventure ’09 – Part 3

Monday, July 6th

We departed the motel in Edinboro, PA at 7:40am. Teddy had 433 miles on his odometer and his speedometer was working again. Kerm had 78,391 miles on the motor home odometer and there was still another 21 miles to go till the end of RT6N. I had Teddy stop the Crosley when we reached the end of RT6N, so I could get a picture of the last RT6N mileage marker in West Springfield, PA. We followed RT 20 into Astabula, OH where we stopped for gas at 8:46am. There was now 472 miles on the odometer of the Crosley. We eventually stopped for breakfast in Astabula at yet another Perkins Family Restaurant. We had been looking for old time diners for Kerm but when we noticed one it would be on the wrong side of the 4 lane road or there was inadequate parking for all the trailers. The closer we got to Cleveland the more traffic we encountered. We drove on RT 20 turning south on RT91 in Willowick, OH. The Plan was to stop at the Goodman’s house in the suburbs of Cleveland in Willoughby Hills, OH for lunch. Norm usually calls Ed at his shop on Saturdays to discuss the state of affairs and maybe a little Crosley chit-chat is thrown in the mix . Norm met us at the intersection of RT6 and RT91 and directed us to his house only 1/2 mile down the off RT91.


Mileage on the Crosley was at 520 miles and 79,473 on the motor home. Either the Crosley or the motor home odometer was not recording the mileage accurately. Kerm had traveled 82 miles in the motor home and Teddy traveled in the Crosley 87 miles over the same route. (Probably, neither the Crosley nor the motor home recorded the mileage correctly.) Norm and his wife made us a great lunch. We visited for awhile before and after lunch, leaving the Goodman’s house at 1:20 pm.


We headed north on RT91. The Plan was to take RT91 north until it ended and go west on Lake Shore Blvd, RT283, eventually taking I-90/RT2 and then taking the RT2/RT20/RT6 bypass. But as we were driving in the right lane on RT91 north, Teddy saw the I-90 west sign and decided within a matter of 50 ft to get over in the left lane and go west on I-90. And that’s exactly what we did, go west young man, go west. I wasn’t aware that a Crosley could force another vehicle off the road, but Teddy got over to the entrance lane and we were on I-90, west bound. Bill, Kerm, Ed and Dave all “kinda” followed. (Left and West sound very similar on a walkie-talkie. Ed.) The speedometer on the Crosley was showing 60 mph, and the people in the vehicles passing by were all looking down at us in the Crosley. Bill Winn was taking pictures as he was driving, what a talented guy, and one picture shows a motor home passing the Crosley. The Crosley looked like a little pedal car next to the motor home.


As we headed west through Cleveland, we almost lost Bill to I-90. We were bearing right to follow the RT6/RT20RT2 bypass and Bill pulled up on the left side to snap a picture, but he was now in the I-90 lanes. After the correct hand/finger signals we got Bill’s attention to go right toward RT6/RT20/RT2. As we proceeded on the RT 6 bypass, at one point I thought we lost the rest of the caravan but Teddy slowed the Crosley down to warp 1 and eventually the rest of the group reappeared. We drove on RT6 into Lakewood, and in Rocky River stopped to gas up, 551 miles on the Crosley odometer and it took 2.6 gallons of gas. What beautiful homes, town parks, and marinas along RT6 where it hugs Lake Erie. You don’t get to see America from the Interstates. You get to see it from roads like RT 6. We continued through Bay Village, and Avon Lake. At this point we had already discarded the 4-Day Plan that included an overnight stop in Lorain, OH. So westward we continued through Lorain. Teddy soon tired of the stop and go driving on RT6 and in Vermillion, took RT51 south and then got back onto the 4-lane RT2. We drove on RT2 until we bypassed Sandusky, OH and got back onto RT6. RT 6 passes over or under I-80/I-90 and in Fremont heads due west. In Bowling Green we stopped to gas up at 5:25 pm. There was 663 miles on the Crosley odometer and we used 3.5 gallons of gas. After a quick meal at Wendy’s we were on RT 6 again heading west. Somewhere near Napoleon, OH at 6:30 pm there was a “What the F#$%^?” as the Crosley cabin filled up with blue smoke. Teddy quickly turned the engine off and we coasted to the side of the road. My first thought was the engine blew, but Teddy suspected the oil line had broken. We were only 20 miles from our destination at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. But a quick look under the hood and that is exactly what the problem was, a broken oil hose.


That Teddy is one smart guy. I have heard many other folks commenting how Teddy is a smart- something or other. A hose was taken from the Crosley Parts trailer and after Ted and Ed made the repair we were back on the road again with 691 miles on the Crosley odometer. In just a few miles we said goodbye to RT 6 and took RT108 north. We followed RT108 north reaching the Fairgrounds at 7:15pm; there were 709 miles on the odometer. According to the Crosley odometer, we had traveled 276 miles that day. According to Kerm’s motor home odometer we traveled 259 miles on Monday. Teddy and I jumped out of the Crosley and posed for some Bill Winn pictures in front of the Fulton County Fairgrounds sign. After the pictures, Teddy and I then congratulated each other, Teddy throwing a right cross at me as I kneed him in the Columbus OH groin area.


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