Wauseon Adventure ’09 – Part 4 – Epilogue

Epilogue Saturday, July 11th

There are always more adventures when traveling with the Crosley boys. This adventure occurred during the ride back to CT from Wauseon, OH. After selling Crosley parts on Friday and Saturday and then packing the Crosley Parts trailer on Saturday afternoon I’m always very tired. Then we attempt the long drive home leaving Saturday afternoon and driving until we are too tired to continue. I arrived in Windsor safely on Sunday am, but there were a couple of times I wasn’t quite sure I would make it home. I rode with Kerm since he was driving on I-84 to Massachusetts. I live in Windsor, CT which is just north of Hartford so it is not that far out of the way for Kerm to drop me off at my house. We left the Fulton County Fairgrounds around 4pm, gassed up the motor home and got on I-80 / I-90 east bound in Wauseon. At one point Ted and Ed passed us on I-80 east in Ohio and noticed a shaking of the front tire on Kerm’s motor home. Teddy told me this on Sunday afternoon after we had all gotten to our respective homes. Kerm also felt a vibration and at one point we did stop and did a quick check. We thought maybe one of the tires had picked up something and we had low tire pressure, but we didn’t see any problems with the tires. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Austintown, OH. It is in eastern Ohio after the toll portion of I-80. We had a relaxing meal and after using the facilities, we continued east on I-80. He told me so many stories during our trip home he finally went hoarse around 1 am. After hearing many Kerm stories on the way home, I think there is a good possibility that everybody on the east coast may be related to Kerm. At about the 166 mileage marker on I-80 in the central part of PA, maybe around 2-3 am, we heard a flapping sound, at first I thought it was a flat tire. We stopped and took a look and a good chunk of the tread had pealed off the front trailer tire on the driver side. It was still holding air, but æ of the tread on the tire was missing. All that flapping tread had even bent the fender on the trailer. There were guard rails along the breakdown lane, so Kerm drove slowly for another 4 miles looking for a place we could get the trailer off the break down lane. He finally found a place a little past the 171 mileage marker. With no lights on the interstate and with just a little light from the flashlight it took quite a while to find the correct keys for the side luggage compartments on the motor home, that’s where the boards were to back the trailer onto and where Kerm thought the breaker bar was. Kerm never found a lug wrench or breaker bar so he had to use a SK 3/8″ drive ratchet to loosen the lug nuts. He backed up the trailer so the rear driver side tire was on a couple of boards and we changed the tire using 3/8″ ratchet and a large box wrench hanging off the end of the ratchet for more leverage. It was pitch black on I-80 without any light and the flashlight went dead. I thought we were screwed. But it was a special battery and you flip it around and you have more battery life on the battery. The battery on the flashlight didn’t have a cover, and one time it fell out of the flashlight and I had to feel around in the dark to find it on the ground. A truck finally drove by at about 75 mph and illuminated the area for a few seconds and I was able to find the battery. We finally finished changing the trailer tire, packed everything away, and off we drove. About a mile down the road was a State Trooper barracks, we could have changed the tire there. We followed I-80 all the way into Stroudsburg, taking RT 209 north. We were detoured on RT 209 (what used to be known to truckers as the Ho Chi Min Trail) that wound us through the countryside, it was probably close to 4 am and we encountered a group of youngun’s changing a tire on the side of the road. Well, they could have been changing a tire or maybe they were stealing hubcaps, we didn’t stop. We finally reached RT 6 and Kerm was getting tired so we wound up catching a couple of hours sleep at the “Wal-Mart Camp Ground” just down the street from the Perkins Restaurant and the entrance to I-84 in Matamoras, PA. After a short nap we hit the road again, the sun was coming up and we were driving east on I-84. We drove on I-84 into NY, stopping at exit 12 RT52 in Fishkill to eat breakfast at the 84 Diner. After breakfast I used the facilities and written on the wall in one of the stalls was “For UDB Support, call Paul DiSalvio at xxx-xxx-xxxx”. Paul is a co-worker at AETNA with a very long commute to Middletown, CT. from Fishkill NY. We gassed up the motor-home across the street from the Diner and headed back on I-84. Somewhere around the Southbury, CT area we heard a loud noise. We were not sure if we hit something or something on the motor home broke. We pulled over and gave the motor home a quick check and this time we lost about a 10″ chuck of tread off the front driver side tire. It wasn’t as bad as the tread lost on the trailer. I asked Kerm if he wanted to change it and he said “F%@K it, I’ll drive slow.” Since the tread loss wasn’t as severe as the trailer tire we just kept driving and I finally got home around 11:30am.

Weeks have past since our trip to Wauseon. Teddy, Ed and I are speaking to each other. But, I may be demoted and not allowed to navigate again. Whether Kerm talks to any of us, we’ll just have to wait for the next trip.

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